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You deserve complete joy and serenity.


Ri Anderson

Ri Anderson

I am so excited to be sharing my art techniques to help you quiet your judging, analytical mind to access the deep intuition and wisdom that emerge from art making.


I have been a working artist for 25 years. I have always used my practice in a therapeutic way. I didn't realize that I was doing it in my early career, but as time went on I became more and more conscious of the positive healing power that sprang from my art practice.


My art practice has helped me get through so many emotionally painful and formidable moments: the death of my father, divorce, loss of a home, demands of motherhood, and many other challenges. Over time I gained more and more aha moments by creating art, and I honed my collage methods to further help myself, and others, through setbacks in life. 

For me the magic is in the process of creating art,  by using the right side of the brain to gain  perspective, completion, and serenity through the processing of memories and emotions both painful and joyous. And through the process you create a beautiful homage to a yourself, your relationship, your life, the choices are many.

I am incredibly gratified to be working with Jen to offer this 3 pronged program to get your life back on track. I have seen how the process changes lives. I hope I can help change yours!

I have an MFA in fine arts with a concentration in photography, and have been a teacher for 20 years.



Jen Kagan

Jen Kagan

Hi I'm Jen. This retreat is the culimination and integration of everything I hold dear. I want to offer to you what I needed when I was in my 20's suffering alone after the loss of 2 of my sisters in the span of 2 years. I had no tools and I  just closed my heart and survived.


Years later, I found my yoga practice. Yoga, and specifically, Iyengar yoga has  supported me through many turbulent times in my life, more losses, divorce, moving to a new country. When you are going through a tough time and are in pain, It's hard to find the inner resources to feel better. Friends and family and even perhaps professionals don't know how to help. Seeking outside for help ultimately is always disappointing and the pain continues. I hated it when people said "life only gives you what you can take' or "you will be so much stronger because of this." Honestly, I wanted to punch them. I hated those statements because they didn't come with a plan to get out of my misery.  

I am so excited to join forces with my good friend and colleague, Ri, to offer a plan of action that will help you understand yourself better, unwind the pain and give you tools to approach life with your beautiful open heart. The world deserves your big open heart!

Please reach out and connect.

I am a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and certified by the International Alliance of Yoga Therapists. I also study and practice Cranial Sacral Therapy.