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"This is definitely one of the best things I've ever done in my life... I came feeling wracked and now I feel calm, serene and ready for the next challenge."

-Ravi Bhaskar

"[The retreat] is absolutely liberating! You make contact with life, with a new perspective, a healing perspective."


-Anna Scott

"[The retreat] helped me process and work through grief using yoga and spirituality and the right side of my brain. As an engineer and a scientist that was an area of my brain that I wasn't accustomed to using, especially in connection with strong emotions like grief.... I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is in the process of grieving and wants to go through a slightly unconventional approach to working through their grief."

— RB

"I felt ashamed about my relationship...now I feel acceptance, at peace with myself."

— A. Andreta

I feel so much more expansion in my body and my mind.  And I feel much more stable and aware in every part of my life. And my heart is more open. In my life, I am now able to see what I can control and not control. I’m a lot more at peace.  I used to grip a lot in my poses and my life. I can be very stubborn. Now, I can let go and see a different perspective. My relationship with my partner is so much better!

-Gail T.

 I learned things I have never learned in 20 years of taking classes. I also learned how to recognize and change the thoughts I was having that were limiting my success.


-Veronica Newton

Strength. Grace. Empowerment.  I enrolled in this class during a stressful, challenging time....I was feeling exhausted in a way I never had before and I was in need of some fierce self-care. The creativity and stretching of my limited Photoshop skills revived me, and seeing myself as eagle-woman was a non-verbal, powerful way to communicate to myself what I was going through.  


— Nancy Shapiro, Writer

Working with Ri has been an absolute delight and inspiration. Each workshop has brought a new sense of discovery... Ri is fun, talented, gifted at guiding students to learn, professional and her work truly is a testament that we are surrounded by magic in our homes and surroundings.



— Holy Wilmeth, Photographer