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©2019 by Heartache to Joy.


Launch Joy

a retreat to move beyond grief

November 10-15, 2019

San Miguel de Allende, MX

Put the pain of loss in the rearview mirror and renew your zest for life.
Loss is not easy. The pain, anger and guilt that accompany loss take away your joy and leave you feeling like there is no way to move forward.
Move beyond your grief using an innovative program of yoga, creativity and expression.


“[The retreat] is absolutely liberating! You make contact with life, with a new perspective, a healing perspective..”

— Anna Scott

“This is definitely one of the best things I've ever done in my life... I came feeling wracked and now I feel calm, serene and ready for the next challenge.”

— Ravi Bhaskar

“I felt ashamed about my relationship...now I feel acceptance, at peace with myself.”

— A. Andreta

“[The retreat] helped me process and work through grief using yoga and spirituality and the right side of my brain. As an engineer and a scientist that was an area of my brain that I wasn't accustomed to using, especially in connection with strong emotions like grief....  I would strongly recommend this to anyone.”

— RB

“I feel so much more expansion in my body and my mind... I feel much more stable and aware in every part of my life. And my heart is more open... I am now able to see what I can control and not control. I'm a lot more at peace... Now, I can let go and see a different perspective. My relationship with my partner is so much better!”

— Gail T.


Pain from loss is caused by old stories, conflicted emotions and unexpressed feelings.  It is exacerbated by misinformation about grief and grieving.

It's hard to move through the pain of loss when you feel alone and bereft.

In 5 days you will shed unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, express what is in your heart and gain lightness, serenity, and a renewed capacity for joy. 

Unlike any other program, this unique 5 day retreat gives you the tools to access the wisdom of your body and the right side of your brain to make the changes needed to move forward. You will use yoga, collage making and expression to move through and past your grief.


Your body will feel renewed, your heart will be opened and you will create and take home a piece of art that commemorates your journey.  

If you want to be free from your pain


Accomodation in a 5 star boutique hotel situated  in a bucolic vineyard in the charming town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, most meals, transporation to and from the airport in Queretaro or Leon.


If you are struggling with the pain of an old or recent loss despite trying many methods and are ready for a program that gives you the tools to change your life, this is for you.


Daily program to open your heart and connect to your creativity to guide you to release any painful thoughts hindering your zest for life.